Mastering Ocular Surface Issues

Building a Profitable Dry Eye Practice - Video Library

Listen to leading ophthalmologists discuss clinical pearls for treating dry eye patients with Oasis TEARS, and how it can benefit your practice: Jeffrey Fischer, MD; John Lahr, OD ; Mihir Parikh, MD; and Karl Stonecipher, MD.

Oasis TEARS in Your Practice

OASIS wants to help you grow your business. Rather than being sold through retail outlets, Oasis TEARS are sold through physicians’ offices, allowing doctors to control delivery to the patient and have an additional profit center. This business model differentiates Oasis TEARS from other tear substitutes and eliminates patients’ confusion regarding which product to choose. Oasis TEARS are also differentiated because of the proprietary formulation of glycerin and long linear molecules of high viscosity and high molecular weight. With each blink of the patient’s eye, Oasis TEARS lubricate the ocular surface for continued relief from dry eye.